St. Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a small harbour town on the Côte d'Azur in the departement of Var. Since the fifties it has been a meeting point of artists and the 'high society'. It has about 6,000 inhabitants and is visited by 5 milion people every year.

Would you like to experience an other possibility to go to St. Tropez then by car? You could take the Navette from Les Issambres. The Navette is a public boat that will take you to St. Tropez directly. From the 12th of June untill the 18th of September this boat is going frequently. After these months the boat is going as well only not that much. The Navette departs from Les Issambres every hour from 9.00 untill 9.00, only not at 13.00. From St. Tropez the Navette departs as well every hour from 9.30 untill 20.30 and 2 last departures at 22.45 and 23.45. At 13.30 the Navette will not depart. For more information please have a look on

 Photo: Green Navette boat


Musée de L'Annonciade

The museum is located near the harbour. This museum houses the Riviera's best modern art collection of  post-impressionists. Among other things you will find pieces of Paul Signac, Bonnard, Matisse, Braque, Derain en Maillol.
Tel + 33 (0)494-970401

Musée de Maritime

This museum is located in the Citadelle, to the east of the town. It houses, among other things, a  replica of a Greek  galley, seventeenth century maps of the Mediterranean sea, engravings of ancient St Tropez, information about the liberation in 1944 and souvenirs of the local hero, admiral De Suffren.

Marché de la Place des Lices

This marketplace is typical for regional products such as olives, goat’s cheese, horse chestnut cream, jam, garlic, thyme, rosemary, vegetables and fruit of the region. They offer a delicious smell of Provence. There are also lavender sachets, soap with olive oil or honey, pottery, Provençal fabrics and other crafts and antiques.


The most popular beaches of St Tropez are located alongside the coast on the de Baie de Pampelonne. This bay is south of the town and east of Ramatuelle. One of the popular beaches in St Tropez is Tahiti beach.
St Tropez’ beaches offer a wide variety of facilities such as restaurants and bars on the waterfront; fashion shows are organised on some beaches. Apart from that there is a wide variety of aquatics available: jet skiing and water skiing.


In St. Tropez you can enjoy the many shops. These are often expensive shops, but if you look carefully you will find that not all the shops are equally expensive. On the boulevard you can also find nice, authentic shops.

 Photo: Port St. Tropez

 Photo: Port St. Tropez

 Photo: Boulevard St. Tropez

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