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Renting or booking a holiday home in France is a wonderful prospect, but there are so many houses and providers that you often don’t know what to look out for. What is a nice holiday home now? And will it be just as you envisioned the holiday home and saw on the website also with the reality when you go on holiday and arrive there? I have listed a number of tips for you that you should pay attention to when finding a suitable holiday home in France.

What should you look out for when renting a holiday home in France?

  1. Before you start searching, make a list of all your wishes for a holiday home in France. There is just a lot of choice in France and in this way you can often remove some holiday homes from the filters on websites. Is a holiday home in France important for you with a swimming pool? Or do you prefer air conditioning in the home or do you want the holiday home to be close to the sea? All important points and everyone has a different list.
  2. After finding a house that seems suitable at first glance, you can now look at the photos. Because these are the most important after your filter action, on which you base your choice to a large extent. Not all photos are often up-to-date, so keep that in mind and continue to look at the description of the holiday home. It may be that the description does not match the photos, so it says something. Also check if there are videos of the holiday home. Videos often give a very realistic picture! And if you have any doubts, just call the landlord!
  3. Have you now found a holiday home in France that suits you? Then do a good check: Have you checked google maps? Are there “crazy” things in the area? For example, a very busy amusement park or on a busy main road. These things are often not mentioned in the ad text, but can be there. And especially check if all prices are mentioned correctly. Often you have to pay a deposit for a holiday home, nothing crazy, but check if it is mentioned before you go (which you will get back) otherwise you will be shocked by the invoice. And are there reservation costs, cleaning costs, linen package costs and do you have to pay tourist tax?
  4. If all of the above points are correct for your ideal vacation, then you have probably booked or are going to book. That is fantastic, let the sun or the snow come, but beware, do a final check! Look if you have booked the holiday home in France or if all the information you entered is correct, are the prices correct? If so, then the anticipation can begin!

And if you have additional tips, let us know. And then I can only say: Bon voyage!

A bientôt, Juliette

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