Great getaway to Island Sainte-Marguerite, oasis of peace!

The island of Sainte-Marguerite belongs to the Lérins Islands and is the largest of this group. Sainte-Marguerite is located approximately one and a half kilometers from the coast near the city of Cannes and 800 meters from the island of Saint-Honorat. The island is approximately 3 kilometers long and 90 meters wide and consists largely of beautiful nature. Only 20 people live around here and there. If we go back in time we see that in the Middle Ages the island was a domain of the abbey of Saint-Honorat and in the 17th century the Royal Fort was built on the island by order of Richelieu. This island has a rich history and that can also be seen on this island.

So these are the facts about the island, but how did I experience the island last summer?

What an oasis of tranquility. I love people around me and socializing, but being away from the crowd and spending a day here was wonderful. From Les Issambres we left with the Navette, the boat to Sainte-Marguerite, a nice boat trip, which I recommend anyway if you are in the South of France. You don’t necessarily have to go to Sainte-Marguerite. If you do not want to sail that long, you can also go to St. Tropez, it is really a beautiful trip!

Sainte-Marguerite Island

Once you arrive at Île Sainte-Marguerite, the scent of eucalyptus trees will delight you. The hiking trails are well maintained and what is so nice, bicycles / mopeds and cars are not allowed here. You can view this island in about 2 hours. Pay attention, there are not many restaurants or places where you can buy refreshments, so it is wise to bring something with you.

Restaurants on Sainte-Marguerite

You are therefore advised to bring some food and drink yourself. There are many picnic areas on the island where you can sit and relax. Where the Navette moors, you have the best chance to buy some food and drink. Further on the island that becomes more difficult. There are, however, a few restaurants where you can certainly eat something.

Visit Fort Royal

As I told you at the beginning, Fort Royal was built in the 17th century and if you are here on Sainte-Marguerite it is really advisable to go here. Certainly also with small children (our girls were with us), because it is also recommended for them. The Fort was once built as a state prison where “the man with the iron mask” would have been imprisoned. You can visit his cell in the fort.

Remember that there is no possibility to spend the night on this island, so you have to take the Navette back in time! This island is really a must see when you are here. The trip by boat is already an adventure, but walking here is also a pleasure. So don’t skip this beautiful island, it is in my top 5!

A bientôt, Juliette

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