Monaco is a world-famous mini-state! Not only because of the Grand Prix, but also because of the towns of Monaco-ville and the mundane Monte-Carlo.

Musée Océanographique

This museum was founded in 1910 by Prince Albert 1st of Monaco. The Oceanographic Museum is a unique place dedicated to the sea. Its mission is to develop oceanography and disseminate it to a wider audience.

Jardin Exotique

De Jardin Exotique de Monaco (‘exotic garden of Monaco’) is a botanical garden in Monaco. It was openened in 1933 a has a large collection of succulents among which many cactuses. In the garden is a large subterranean cave with a lot of stalagmites and stalagtites. Evidence was found that in prehistoric times people lived in this cave.

Monte Carlo Casino

In Monte Carlo in the Place du Casino is  the Monte Carlo Casino, one of the most renowned and most exclusive casinos in the world. In this square you will also find the expensive Hotel de Paris with its Café de Paris.

Formule 1 Grand Prix

Monaco’s Grand Prix Formule 1 is one of the best known races in car racing and the only Formule 1-race on a road circuit. The Grand Prix is organised in May every year. The race is held on a road circuit and that means, in the case of Monaco, narrow roads, tight turns and little room for overtaking. Monaco’s Grand Prix was already held even before the Formule 1-championship started