Antibes is small town with a beautiful old centre at about 15 kilometres (10 miles) west of Nice. As early as the ancient Greek times the settlement of Antipolis was here. The town has a number of beautiful sights to offer. On Cap d’Antibes you will find wonderful beaches which are somewhat calmer than those of Nice.

Musée Picasso

Château Grimaldi, where Picasso once stayed, now accommodates Museum Picasso. It has more than 50 drawings, prints and ceramics made by the versatile artist when he had his studio here in 1946. In this period his work was full of light and merry images. Thus La Joie de Vivre is one of the most important works from this period. At the neighbouring Vallauris Picasso’s bronze statue ‘L’homme au mouton’ is in the square. Here you will also find a modern art collection with works of Ernst, Léger, Miro and Nicolas de Staël.